Thursday, January 17, 2013

experiment in free association

i am sitting here wondering how to start this

this is an experiment in free association

i think of it as stream-of-consciousness like from a stream-of-consciousness novel

like something by Virginia Woolf or James Joyce

but i dont know if it is because ive never read anything by them

although i did read 'the dead' by Joyce for a modern british lit class i took

that class was good but our teacher suffered a nervous breakdown early in the semester

a replacement professor was brought in to finish teaching for the semester

i liked the replacement professor better, mostly because he had a beard

i like facial hair

i put facial hair in my blog name because it seemed cool and necessary and i have facial hair

but my blog is not about facial hair

right now i have a trimmed beard with the neck part shaved

i tried to shave the hairs on my high cheekbones but it didnt turn out well so i wont be doing that again

im not really sure what im doing or what this is supposed to be

free association i suppose but im not sure if this is good

i may just delete this

or post it like a mistake that someone should have deleted but didnt

like videos online of people breaking vases in their living rooms

i often wonder why people post mistakes instead of deleting them

perhaps it has something to do with a desire to connect with others, even if it means looking like a fool

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