Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the best scene from The Omen is when the nanny kills herself

i used to think the best scene from The Omen
was when that guy got his head sliced off
by a flying pane of glass

but that was because i was young
and adolescent and liked violence
when i saw it

the real ‘best scene’ in The Omen
is also the scene that contains
the best line:

“It’s all for you.”

that's what the nanny of the antichrist shouts on his
fifth birthday just before she jumps from the rooftop
with a rope around her neck

and her swinging body crashes into a first-story
window and everyone screams in horror
except for the antichrist

the antichrist does not scream or look horrified
the antichrist looks at the nanny’s corpse
with calm indifference

and likewise, the poems and the stories that i write:
“It’s all for you.” but i don't know who you are and
i fear you’d react with calm indifference too

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