Wednesday, January 30, 2013

today i was productive

today i was productive
i ate a vegan salad
i wrote
i read some things
i shoveled the driveway
i shaved my neck beard
i shaved my armpits
i shaved my pubes
i showered

i followed people i like on tumblr
i did some other things too

i intend to do more reading
from a physical, pages book
"real" books are more appealing to me
but i've been getting into ebooks lately too
i intend to reading some

this might be a free association thing
but i also don't think that it is
because i included a list of things i have done today

i just sneezed
but i didn't let that stop me from writing
i am unemployed
but i won't let that stop me from writing

i am now reminded of
the concept of alt-positivity
by Steve Roggenbuck (i think)
who i like very much right now
and i like that concept too
because it seems to be working
by which i mean i have been productive today

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