Friday, February 1, 2013

a light scream for help

I will lead you out into the night
And we will walk
And I will think about holding your hand
But I will not hold your hand
Because I am waiting for you to hold mine
And I've been waiting on you for two months
And still today I wait
And yesterday I saw you sharing glances with a man across the way
And I know that I am foolish for clinging to the thought of 'us'
And these damn lines feel like a stale-used cliche
Because I've been talking of unrequited love for ten years now
And I just don't understand what it is I'm doing wrong
What it is I do not have
Because I have longed for longer than I can recall
And I am tired, I am empty
I want to be done with these feelings
With these sadly sagging passions
And with every day that passes
My heart droops a little lower
And I can tell it soon will spoil
If my burdens aren't relieved
But I cannot address you in a manner such as this
For to hear an outright 'no' would be a blight upon my mind
And so I'm dangling
Hanging onto the hope
That on one moonlit stroll
You'll reach out in the dark
And take my hand in yours

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