Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my evenings are spent alone in my room

i never really got around to
listening to this Jonsi album
because it reminds me of you
because you put it on my Zune

people give me shit for having a Zune
but i like my Zune
and i like that you have one too

i've often thought about making a tweet
that said something like:
"The good thing about a Zune is it is its own crime deterrent"
or something like that

anyway, i was looking for something to listen to
and i came to the J's
and i saw 'Jonsi'
and i thought about how i hadn't listened to his album yet
and how it was probably because you had given it to me
and now i'm repeating myself
and i'm not sure if that's good or bad
because people don't want to read the same thing twice
but it is said that when an author repeats him/herself
it means the repeated thing is important

you were repeated in my life
and then you were gone

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