Sunday, March 31, 2013

this is what we did 4 easter:

my dad, mom, and sister
danced to "Gangnam Style"

we made nachos with
turkey meat (but not on my chips),
refried beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa;
i had fresh cilantro on mine

we watched a scene from "Men In Black"
bc it was on tv & my sister wanted
to watch the part where Will Smith
is being tested to become a MIB

(ps- "MIB" is old: you can see
the twin towers in that movie

[it is interesting to note the theory
that there are real life men in black
who work for world governments
in an attempt to track down extraterrestrials
and/or who ARE extraterrestrials
and/or who are extraterrestrials
pretending to work for word governments
in an attempt to scare human beings

{but we were Catholic and, i think,
that prevented me from fully exploring
my paranormative & cryptozoological interestes}

so when "MIB" came out in 1997,
i was excited because i thought
the movie would be a confirmation
of the extraterrestrial information
i had read about and researched
in books from the library,]

but it wasn't; it was hooky
and i think that was when
i began to stop associating
with mainstream culture
and i think that was when
my interest in extraterrestrials deteriorated
...well, that, and we were Catholic)

so, from a former Catholic to you:
Happy Easter!

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