Monday, July 7, 2014

that guy who inputs into the conversation when he's not really 'in' with the group and his input doesn't contribute, it just self-serves.

The most I am able to tolerate from a new person entering into my life is acquaintanceship or, at most, casual friendship. I no longer possess the ability to care enough about people to really get to know them. So if I accepted someone into my life, I would have to remember important information about him, such as life-shaping experiences, his birthday, our anniversary, etc., and that, to me, seems like asking too much.

The other day, I realized just how comfortable I am with being single. While I have been single for several months, it was only a few days ago that I liked and accepted singlehood as a part of my identity. I am even over sex. I don't want sexual advances from or sexual relations with anyone, ever.

These days, when I receive a booty call, I straight-up ignore that shit.

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