Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a motel

there is a man and a woman off to
the side who are making out in a
sensual way that reminds me of
what love is, or what love can be

Saturday, April 13, 2013

List-Review of Born Gold's 'Little Sleepwalker'

1. darker musically; has a darker feel overall.

2. thematically it is rather befitting for the night.

3. dark, night, frightening.

4. hip-hop influence, larger emphasis on deeper, heavier beats and bass; less emphasis on treble and high pitched sounds.

5. something to listen to after the rave of "Bodysongs," late at night while driving around, coming down from the highs both natural and self-induced, and reflecting on one's life decisions, critically.

6. the effects made to his vocals add to the album's mood, tone; for, like the night, the vocals are mysterious and frightening in ways...and alien. the vocalizations descend upon the listener like an extraterrestrial spaceship descending from the sky to amaze and temporarily abduct the aforementioned late-night post-ravers.

7. part of the reason that supports the reflective aspect of the album is the spaciousness of the music. whereas "Bodysongs" was a celebratory, hyperactive, high octane achievement, "Little Sleepwalker" is the comedown from all that dancing, all that physicality. "Little Sleepwalker" is the questioning of the hyperactivity of "Bodysongs;" "Little Sleepwalker" is more mental and curious of the intellectual implications of that which proceeded it. the realm of "Bodysongs" occurred so quickly that one did not have time to question what was happening--all one could do was allow him/herself to be swept up in the album's excitement; the realm of "Little Sleepwalker" takes its time to slowly open, allowing the listener a chance to question what is happening, to analyze the goings-on of the sounds of the sophomore album.

8. "Bodysongs" is a high energy celebration, a molly-fueled rave. "Little Sleepwalker" is reflective contemplation; it is the late-night drive home during which one smokes pot to come down from the previous excitement and, also, during which an alien abduction takes place. the albums are complimentary.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

authors of The Metric's Issue 2 have been revealed

hey, so, The Metric has, just today, released the names of the contributing authors for their second issue, which is important because i was one of those authors. check out the links below to view their beautiful / thoughtful analysis of my poem and to read the second issue (which includes my poem), respectively:



Monday, April 1, 2013

Tiny TOE Press/The Open End published 6 of my poems

Tiny TOE Press/The Open End generously published 6 of my poems on their website. Check it out here: