Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bravehost Poetry Review & SWAY PRESS, both recently released

hello, hi

sorry to have been a way, and i will begin regularly updating posts again soon,
but until then, here are two online things that i have recently been published in:

1. Bravehost Poetry Review is over, but the 2 issues that were created have been collected by then-anonymous editor Matt Margo and presented in this nice ebook; i have a poem in it, my friend Ashley Kay Petersen has a poem in it, and there are many, many other talented young poets included as well, many poets who i admire reading online (Austin Islam, Jordan Castro, Calvero, etc.). Check us all out here:

2. SWAY PRESS has released their 2nd Issue, and i have three poems in it. my poems appear alongside other talented writers (Chuck Young, Chris L. Terry, No Glykon, Lauren Snowden, etc.) and i am honored to be included. Check out this issue here:

that's it. stay tuned, and i'll be back soon.