Monday, February 27, 2017

It's been more than 2yrs since I've posted anything to this blog.

Yesterday was kind of a witchy day for me.
It was a new moon last night, which means the moon will now be waxing.
A waxing moon is a good time for renewal, for rebirth, for implementing plans.

Additionally, I pulled as my Rune of the Day: "berkano" or "berkanan" or "bjarken"
which seemed important, given the fact that "berkano"
(according to the information sheet included in my purchase of the handcrafted runes)
is a "Birch Goddess," a "tree," and a symbol for "rebirth;"
the image of the Rune itself is supposed to bring to mind "breasts,"
life-giving, sexual organs: that is, by providing milk,
the breasts provide the chance for a new life (i.e. an infant) to thrive, to survive.

Breasts, of course , are a natural symbol of fertility
and are associated with the Moon: both are round and inspire art.
Furthermore, I am a Cancer, and the Cancer's ruling planet is the Moon,
so it seemed like a convergence of sorts when:

1) the Moon was going to be a New Moon;
2) my Rune for the Day was "Berkano," which represents &/or symbolizes:
          a "Birch Goddess," a "tree," "rebirth," and "breasts;"
3) therefore, it was a feminine day of renewal,
          a chance for recommitting myself to my aspirations.

As such, I'm viewing today as a chance to begin
recommitting myself to literary endeavors, which means
1) revising and editing poems;
2) compiling and refining chapbooks and collections; &
3) seeking out and submitting to various publishing presses and houses.

The burden is mine to accomplish these goals; yet,
given the good omen I witnessed and interpreted yesterday,
I will succeed in properly utilizing this period of Moon-waxing.