Friday, November 8, 2013

i wait bc i do

i do not like this
i do not like this situation
i am waiting 4 2 friends

they r not here
they were ~15min away
from their car
& then they had 2 drive

i am not surprised
ppl hate 2 wait bc
i am getting bored

this rum&coke is bad
i do not like it
i do not like this

i cant believe this song came on
i am sincerely shocked
trolled even
well, @ least it's short

back to boredom&waiting
i have not eaten since lunch
im still drinking this bad rum&coke

i have ordered ~2 rum&cokes
from ~2 establishments 2day
& both were bad
like rly v bad
should've ordered beer
classic but true
truly classic?

i think i dreamt
my friend updated
his fb profile but
i dont think he did irl

no1's heard from him or
spoken 2 him in months
he is chasing his dreams
& i am w/ him in my own

i am out of things 2 say

no1 2 share them w/ anywy

Sunday, November 3, 2013

seance words/letters:

Are you there?

What does being dead feel like?
eet pl i

Are you an honest spirit?

Are you a spirit who resides in this house?

Is there a message you have for anyone of us tonight?
jk yes

What is the first letter of the person?

Are you a direct relative or a person who knew Dxxxx in his life?

What is the first letter of the spirit's name?

Were you someone that was close to Dxxxx?