Monday, January 5, 2015

Recently Published Interview & Inclusion in an Anthology

Hello All! Two quick things.


I was recently interviewed by Thom James, a UK-based artist/person. He has started a project called Interviews with Strangers, which will seek to interview people from across the internet, in order to attempt to present a picture of the person behind the screen and not the words that the person behind the screen uses to create a picture of themselves. idk if i'm justly summarizing Thom's project, but maybe you get the gist of it.
Anyway, here is a link to my interview for Thom of Interviews with Strangers. I believe this interview is the first interview of the project, so I'm very honored to help Thom kick off his project and I think I did did a decent job of helping. (Furthermore, the drawing of me is good, just plain good! Just look at it, please. Thom's artist friend, Grace Millard, drew this badass image of me based upon a pic and the answers i gave during the interview.)
At any rate, thank you to Thom James for taking a chance on me and having me be the first interview of Interviews with Strangers.


I was even more recently included in an anthology, a real book! Kool Kids Press are good poetry people and they have very generously included some of my poems in their first anthology, JunkYard Kool.
I'm so thrilled to be included in this inaugural anthology and, also, to help kick off this anthology series by gracious acceptance as a contributor. Please take the time to read this anthology, which you can download for free or can be bought, if you financial means, as a physical book. Follow the link to Kool Kids Press' JunkYard Kool.
Thank you to Kool Kids Press, I am honored and thrilled to be included!

And that's it, for now. Thank you for reading, for listening, and I wish you have a very happy  and a prosperous 2015. Good fortune to all!


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